Martin Tindall is an advisor at Phoenix Life Sciences, a disruptive healthcare solutions company dedicated to the advancement of restorative medicine. 

Phoenix Life Sciences focuses on the endocannabinoid system and the use of phytocannabinoids to support overall physical wellness. Since its founding, Phoenix Life Sciences has quickly distinguished itself as a leader within the healthcare industry. The company takes a forward-thinking and physician-driven approach to alternative treatment options for patients, enabling tangible progress within the medical cannabis industry. Their mission is to create a future where patients repair, restore, and rejuvenate themselves. So many modern medical treatments use synthetic drugs to treat conditions, and often have damaging longterm effects on the human body. Through its revolutionary products, Phoenix Life Sciences seeks to offer a natural and organic alternative, with the ultimate goal of introducing cannabinoid-based medicines to the mainstream pharmaceutical community. 

Medical cannabis is currently legal in 29 states, as well as Washington D.C. Some states have even moved to decriminalize the use of the cannabis plant entirely, as more and more political leaders are realizing the therapeutic properties of cannabis. Phoenix Life Sciences may be headquartered in Canada, but the company has a global focus as it works to expand into global markets. As an advisor, Martin Tindall is helping to spearhead this movement.

Martin's Story

After the death of his father from chemotherapy treatment for pancreatic cancer in 2013, Martin Tindall began to seek out solutions for alternative treatments for cancer. Martin found the answer in the application of medical cannabis to treat a variety of illnesses. This industry is growing fast, thanks to changing legislation that finally allows access to cannabinoids from many types of cannabis plants. Unfortunately, as Martin quickly discovered, there was (and is) a chasm that still separates cannabis from mainstream pharmaceutical companies. Martin has since devoted his life’s work to bridging that gap and proving the life-saving potential of medical cannabis for patients with certain illnesses.

Phoenix Life Sciences

Through Phoenix Life Sciences, Martin is launching products created from certified organic industrial hemp, which is legal in all fifty states. These products are available in a variety of medical delivery methods (transdermal patches, sublingual oral sprays, thin film dissolving strips, and more). In addition to working with the nation’s leading cannabinoid specialists, Martin aims to create a direct connection between the medical cannabis industry and the physicians who can help legitimize this lifesaving product. For this reason, he has met directly with a variety of experts to discern what needs to be done for physicians to confidently prescribe cannabis as medicine.

Since gaining these insights, Martin Tindall has begun to build Phoenix Life Sciences to meet the many qualifying factors that will allow cannabis to enter the mainstream market: current research backing the benefits of medical cannabis, consistent and precise dosing, quality control, and more. He is also utilizing 15+ years of executive experience encompassing business, finance, and management from his position as the Executive Director of Kronos International Investments Limited. Martin brings in his skills and expertise to develop the company in terms of securing investments, earning grant money, forming strategic alliances, and garnering public support. Phoenix Life Sciences is already developing multiple locations in the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and parts of the South Pacific. Martin is helping with a project on Vanuatu in the South Pacific where the company’s efforts are benefitting economic development, job creation, and export opportunity. 

Outside of his job, Martin Tindall is an avid traveler and has a diverse set of hobbies that include scuba diving, snowboarding, golf, atv quad bike racing, architecture, fitness, vehicles, boats, technology, and nutrition. Martin likes to maintain an active lifestyle and he is fortunate that his job allows him to travel all around the world. Born and raised in Australia, Martin Tindall attended the Western Sydney Institute of Higher Education where he studied Accounting and Commercial and Company Law. Focusing his early career on the integration of technology with international trade and finance, Martin has had the opportunity to live and work in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. He recently attended a TABOR Conference (an alternative investment conference organizer) in May where he presented Phoenix Life Science’s business models.

Martin Tindall is a firm believer in connecting with the people and places he visits. He views cross-cultural competence and international sensitivity as key components for successful business growth, particularly in the area of medical cannabis. Martin loves traveling on his own for the thrill of experiencing new places and cultures, but he also values the chance to cultivate a global business perspective as he collaborates with other professionals in the disruptive healthcare industry.

This blog will share updates about Phoenix Life Sciences, as well as the medical cannabis industry in general as it becomes a driving force in healthcare around the world. Stay tuned!